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STICKS OF THUNDER is one of the newest and most exciting performances to hit the theatrical production, convention and meeting stages in years. With the power of a Beethoven symphony, the visual excitement and intensity of a major league sport, and the musical integrity and audience interactivity that brings every audience to their feet and keeps them there - STICKS OF THUNDER has taken the meeting industry by storm . . .

STICKS OF THUNDER was conceived when a handful of Fortune 500 clients asked music and film producer,
Curtis Pickering, to create a production that would break all the rules, a production that would get their employees and associates revved up and create a lasting memorable moment. Communicating to over one thousand people in a hotel ballroom seemed like a major challenge to many, but Pickering said, "That's simple. We'll go back to the basics, the first form of communication for all humankind: drums."

With a combination of classical, rock, urban and non-traditional forms of rhythms,
STICKS OF THUNDER communicates with every audience without speaking a word. Combining the best of the traditional percussion ensemble, rock and roll performance intensity and the urban-style use of everyday objects as musical instruments, they have created various compositions that transcend traditional performance art.

STICKS OF THUNDER suggests that each member of the audience be given a set of real drumsticks, or other percussion instrument, with the meeting theme, company logo or other message printed right on the instrument, we can provide this service. "The audience is an integral part of the experience. For a few exciting minutes, thousands are all drummers and share in the rhythm and excitement of the performance . . . it's not something you sit and watch . . . it's something you become a part of," said Pickering.

The success of this musical and theatrical venture was validated in 1997 when Meeting Planners International, a huge global organization, invited this cast to close the opening session at their 25th Anniversary Convention in Baltimore . . . Pickering said, "Meeting planners are probably the toughest audience in the world because these professionals have seen and done everything. But I knew we had something when the Disney staff members asked if their pyro. experts could join our show . . . "

Edwin L. Griffin, Jr., CAE, of Meeting Planners International, Executive Vice President/CEO, said, "The room was electric and everyone is still talking about it. Many members have contacted MPI to say it was one of the most engaging and exciting performances they've ever seen . . . When they handed out the drumsticks everyone in the room became part of the excitement . . . "

Each performance is tailored to fit the audience through special request video and wardrobe. The STICKS OF THUNDER cast has performed as sales reps, manufacturing workers, psychiatrists, surgeons, chefs, commandos, Wall Street executives, bellmen, and many more.

STICKS OF THUNDER has performed for the likes of Hoechst Marion Roussel, Roche Laboratories, Abbot Labs, Better Homes and Gardens, RJO Group, Meeting Planners International, U.S. Food Service, Bushnell Corp.,
National Association of Mortgage Brokers, Kansas City Great American Book Festival, and The Jack Morton Company.

STICKS OF THUNDER achieves results with drums, objects and audiences that have never been seen before.

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