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Phone: 816-756-5999
Fax: 816-756-2001
When you are ready to book your entertainment, you may either email us or simply give us a call.

In order to process a booking, we will need the following information.
  • Function date
  • Function location
  • Time frame of performance
  • Time frame to set up prior to the performance
  • Wardrobe requests
  • Guest count
  • Purpose of the event
  • Special requests ( if applicable)
  • Contact names at the event
  • Name, address, telephone and fax number of the person who will sign the agreement.

Once all the pertinent information has been discussed and you are completely comfortable with the act, the standard procedure for securing entertainment is as follows:

1. An agreement will be sent to you via U.S. Postal Service. Other transmission options,
including Federal Express and faxing, are available.

2. After receiving the agreement, you should thoroughly review the document. If it meets your approval, you should sign and return the agreement along with the industry standard deposit of fifty-percent, payable to Production Source, Inc.
PLEASE NOTE: It is strongly advised to process the agreement within 7 days. If the agreement is not returned in a timely manner, the act may accept another offer.

3. After receiving your signed agreement and deposit, we will obtain the appropriate signature from the artist and provide you with a fully executed agreement in a timely manner.

4. The balance of the fee (the remaining fifty-percent) is due and payable at the event or performance. The agreement will indicate to whom the final payment should be made.

Special payment structures may be available for corporate clients.

Acceptable payment methods include cash, money orders, company and personal checks, bank drafts and wire transfers, where applicable. We do not accept credit cards.

For answers to questions not addressed on this site, please
email us or give us a call.

Thank you for visiting the Website of Production Source, Inc., Kansas City's premiere entertainment source.

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