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Yellow Brick Road - three to six piece wide variety group with vocals. Emphasis on Elton John, Billy Joel and dance music.

The Idle Rich - six piece variety with vocals. All around good dance music.

Good Question - six piece variety band with vocals. Four lead singers.

Kokomo - six piece wide variety band with two front female lead singers. One of Kansas City's most established bands.

Private Stock - five piece variety band. One of the top ten bands in the city for parties and events.

Rave - custom built variety band. We use the best of the best in the Kansas City band members to create exactly what you want for one night. The band typically has four of the best lead singers in the market performing for you.

The Debra Cordero Band - a five piece hot dance band. The group comes to us from the Levee, a hot night spot in Kansas City's fames Westport area.

Streetside - a four men a cappella group. Variety music with an emphasis on the sound of the Do Wap age.

Neon Blue - a five or six piece group that plays 50s, 60's and some contemporary music. Two horns in this band set it apart.

Dan Doran - a four piece variety band featuring the vocal stylings of Dan Doran. Dan is also the keyboardist. Aggressive dance music.

Full Blast
- an eleven piece horn band that plays the best of horn band music. A lot of motown, jump swing, Frank Sinatra and R&B.

Technically Speaking - a trio of two guys, one girl and a computer. R&B, variety, with sax & guitar.

The Teri Wilder Band - backed by one of Kansas City's finest groups,  Boko Maru, Teri features the hits...Motown, pop, jazz, variety.

Talespin - five piece all male group playing rock & roll from the 50s to the 90's.

Steve & Tracey - this husband & wife team play a wide variety of material. Both sing and play along with their sequenced tracks.

Kacee & Roger - a wide variety duo consisting of guitar/vocals and female lead singer. The sound of a five piece band with technology support.

KC Prime - a private party special. Wide variety with vocals. Four men and one female.

New Order Of Business - a six piece killer sound. This female singer leads five gentlemen from jazz/big band through Motown to contemporary pop material.

Liverpool - Kansas City's answer to the Beatles. One to three shows available. Costuming and staging are perfect reflections of Liverpool's favorite sons.

Against The Grain - a four piece, classy country & western act with variety material mixed in. Three men & one lady.

Kevin Rogers - a trio of pop, contemporary, Motown, and classics with computer assistance. It sounds like at least a six piece band.

Motion - a four or five piece dance band with vocals. Formerly the house band at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kansas City.

Lupe - a four to six piece Latin American program. Lupe has been one of Kansas City's favorite singers for over 10 years.

Bon Ton Soul Accordian Band - cajun music, infectious beats, fun dancing, accordians, vocals and more.

Wes Winters - a one man, highly entertaining show. Wes performs a long with a sequence backup band and does everything from light jazz to dance to showtunes. A wonderful entertainer.

Powerglide - a trio of high energy rock & roll with a little variety. This group mainly performs the hits that come from the 60's forward. Keyboards, guitar and drums. Rock on.

The Exceptions - a four piece extremely wide variety formatted band. Three guys & one female lead singer take you through dinner set material to Madonna and on.

Larry Campbell & Friends - a six piece, featuring two female lead singers, christian pop band. All positive music all night. Great vocals.

Contra Band - Reggae

Fast Johnny Ricker
- four to five piece blues and classic rock. Johnny is a wonderful part of the rich Kansas City blue heritage, as a young man.

SDI - reggae, soul, R&B, second line, New Orleans, cajun

Michael Beers Band
- four or five piece wide variety band band.
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